Rapport Networks

Assistive care solutions for hospital and residential care settings that support people with dementia and frailty. Helping reduce stress, manage eating, exercise, falls, medications, sleeping, toileting and much more...


Real-time monitoring that recognizes body changes and helps people keep limber and alert. Detecting aggitation, falls/wobble, pain, poor-sleep and much more...


Environmental tracking which learns our habits, notices behaviour extremes and helps people shape their environment to better match their needs. Helping manage climate in the home, home safety risks, hygiene, medication complicance, keeping in 'safe-zones' at 'safe-times' and many personalized solutions tailored to track healthly routines and behaviours.


Social and interactive observations reporting that respects dignity and helps users and carers work better together. Helping prompt conversations, record carer assessment and clinical reasoning and providing a platform to label and annotate recordings from devices in easily understood natural lanaguage.


Event recognition that focuses on daily living events and understands what's needed to help better manage risks and carer resources. Notification and prompting from events to help keep the users and care team engaged, alert, stimulated and delighted by what we achieve every day! Helping users and carers build confidence and independence based on evidence from observations and objective sensor measurements.

We are a social enterprise

We are regulated by the Office of the Regulator of Community Interest Companies and re-invest in the community we are set-up to serve. We aim to sell products and services to professional carers and to reuse our assets and a substantial part of our profit to provide a free or reduced cost service for those with long-term conditions in the communities we are set-up to serve.

We actively support other third sector organizations that benefit the community we serve, particularly Alzheimer Scotland which is the charity that we are associated with.

By default we securely store all your data in the UK which is governed by the Data Protection Act 2018. Additionally, for professional care organisations we provide an option for 'distributed data storage' where raw data stays on your site or can be reported into another health data vault which could be off the internet and only accessible from your site.